Site Wonkyness: php5 module update breaks dynamic site

So, I logged on today and happened to visit my own site, and realised that it had completely went wonky. At first glance, it looked like the database had crapped on itself. There were only two blog entries appearing on the homepage, all of the archives were gone, and even some other pages which were dynamically generated had gone totally wonky. Logging into the backend of Movable Type showed everything was intact still. So, I started to troubleshoot the display problems.

Today, I updated the following modules via FreeBSD’s Ports collection:
devel/p5-Class-Spiffy (p5-Class-Spiffy-0.12)
devel/p5-Spiffy (p5-Spiffy-0.29)
mail/p5-Mail-Tools (p5-Mail-Tools-1.67)
www/p5-HTML-Template (p5-HTML-Template-2.7_1)
devel/p5-Test-Base (p5-Test-Base-0.47)

Something in one (or multiple) of those broke dynamic pages. So, I converted both my site and Josh’s site back to static pages, and all should be fine now.

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