Random Updates

The NAS document is coming along, but not as quickly as I’d like. I find that I sit down and load it… and nothing makes its way from my brain to my fingers. I can say that my NAS implementation has been rock solid since I put in the new USB 2.0 controller card that uses the NEC controller chip. The Wife found a 1280VA UPS at Staples for $30 (She can smell the deals as we pass the stores in the car… kinda like a sale bloodhound ). So, we’re all set now with 30 minutes of power backup for the NAS server and the network infrastructure (the cable modem and router).

Classes are coming along. I’m taking a Systems Administration course and a PHP/MySQL web programming course. The Sysadmin class looks like it’ll be a slide as I’ve done most of this stuff already (thus, writing a document on how to build a homegrown NAS). The PHP class is going to be challenging.

For those who know about the “new job,” I haven’t heard anything more. They’re still doing whatever it is they do.

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