Maybe our currency won't be ugly forever?

As I had written about before, American money is ugly compared to foreign currency. The Bank of England website shows off the Brit’s colourful currency. The Euro is also loaded with colors. Here, we get drab, ugly banknotes.

The US Treasury has started to add “splashes” of colour to help deter counterfeiting. But, maybe big changes are on the way?

A US Federal Court judge has ordered the Treasury to make changes to the currency to help visually impaired people distinguish between bills. Other countries (including those mentioned above) use colour, size, and texture to distinguish denominations. The judge didn’t tell the government how to comply, but they needed to start working on it ((Some of the batshit insaneTM right wing blogs out there are incorrectly relaying that the Treasury has 10 days to start working on a solution. The news stories I’ve read from news sites says the government has 10 days to appeal. Funny how a few words make a difference.)). Maybe there is hope yet…

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