License to Get Pregnant Bill in Indiana Legistlature

Uhh… I found this story linked on Boing Boing today. There is a bill in the Indiana legislature that would require a woman to get a license before having any kind of reproductive assistance given. This includes in vitro fertilization, sperm, and egg donations. If the law were to pass, you would commit the crime of “unauthorized reproduction, a class B misdemeanor.” The same charge would be applicable to the doctor who committed “unauthorized practice of artificial reproduction.”

Oh, the law required a woman to be married to a man to be considered. No gays, lesbians, or single people permitted. A married couple who needed donor sperm or eggs would have to go through the same vetting as someone wanting to adopt a child to sure they were fit to be parents.

This law was proposed by a female Republican from Indianapolis. Needless to say, once the law popped on anyone’s radar, she withdrew the bill.

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