I watched some of the World Cup

I am an American, therefore, I’m not supposed to like soccer .

I was sitting down with my coffee and I decided to flip on the World Cup. Turns out, Comcast added ESPN2 HD yesterday, so all of the games will be available to me in HD. Anyway, I flipped on the Sweden vs Trinidad and Tobago match. I have to be honest, I enjoyed watching it. Sometime in the past, I read an article that said the reason why Soccer is so much fun to watch is that there isn’t an obvious build up to scoring. In football, you typically have a slow march towards the goal. In soccer, you can easily go from one end of the field to the other in a matter of seconds, and go from almost getting scored on to scoring in just as short of a time.

Am I going to skip work to watch matches? No. But, I will enjoy watching the matches.

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