First Day of Classes

As I’m sure everyone who knows me knows, I am attending IUPUI again this fall. IUPUI stands for Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis. Anyway, I’m majoring in Informatics. This fall, I’m taking two classes…. C Programming and Java Programming. Yay me. This is a long one. Jump down for it.

Anyway, I go to the first class and I am about 15 minutes early. I walk up to the room with this guy who got on the elevator with me and we find the room locked. We introduce ourselves, and then sit on the floor. Over the next 15 minutes, about 10 people show up and are standing around outside the room waiting for the instructor to appear. Right as the class is scheduled to start, this guy comes up and asks if we’re waiting for the room. He introduces himself as our lab instructor and says “I don’t know if I have access or not.”

He walks up and gets out his ID card and swipes the door. It beeps at him. He repeats this about 10 times before announcing he doesn’t have access and will go find another room for us. Then, the door opens. There was someone inside the room the entire time. She just closed the door behind her.

We go in, sit down at these brand new HP XW4200 professional workstations with like 17″ or 19″ flat panels. We will refer to this as the “new hotness lab.” Anyway, I’m sitting in a comfortable, cloth office type chair behind the pile of new hotness. I get out the laptop, find one of the shittiest wireless signals I’ve ever locked onto, and proceeded to take some notes while the guy explained who he was, why he was here, who the real instructor is, and that we shouldn’t leave messages with her kids because they often don’t make it to her. He has no clue as to what is going on, and was kind of just there to babysit us. Anyway, we finish up in about 10 minutes and so I now have an hour to kill before my second class.

But, before I leave the new hotness lab, I have to tell you about Grizzly Adams that sat down next to me. This guy comes in… say, 5’10” with a giant unkempt black ball of hair on his head, wearing a t-shirt and like khaki cargo shorts. He has a huge beard (thus the Grizzly Adams reference). He sits down, throws his backpack on the floor, and logs onto the computer. Then it hits me… this guy apparently hasn’t bathed in a week. I damn near gagged. Thank Christ the class didn’t last long.

So, with crappy wireless connectivity there, I head over to the Science building to my C programming course. Talk about a change between new hotness and old and busted. This lab 32 Dell computers that are 3 years old. They are set up 4 per old white tables. They have hard maroon plastic chairs for you to sit in (at least they have wheels still). They are hooked to 15″ beige Dell CRTs that are at least 5 years old. Definitely old and busted. I don’t know if this guy at the front of the room is the lab babysitter or the instructor. We’ll find out in a bit.

Anyway, I’m going to chat with Holly and surf the RSS feeds for a bit now… until class starts.

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