Desktop Screenshot

I finally decided to make my desktop my own, after forever and a day of having standard everythings. I’m not usually one to have awesome looking desktops, but I think I did good. Here is a screen capture of my current desktop. Click for a larger version


The picture is from quaid60 on Deviantart, mirror flipped. I spent several hours this weekend cruising the postings on Deviantart trying to find a photo that made me stop and look at it. I went through over 1,000 photos and wallpapers, trying to find the one that I liked. I saw hundreds of really crappy backgrounds. Some were too bright. some were too anime… some were too porn… god, lots of people taking photos of porn stars and throwing it on a background and claiming it as their wallpaper to the world. Alas, I digress. I had three other photos downloaded as options when I saw this photo, and then I was done. Mad props to quaid60 for the manipulation (If you don’t notice from the picture above, they’re not straps on her skin. View the full size. Brilliant.) and his model who took the picture herself.

Anyway, the dorks will want to know all of the specifics. Icons are the Somatic set from IconFactory installed using CandyBar. I’m also using a battery and weather widget from Konfabulator on the desktop. Adium X is down there for instant message in the lower right (cut out some of the info for obvious reasons, natch.) Subtle Tunes is the music interface for iTunes (also a Konfabulator widget). has some transparency in the background but you can’t see it because I didn’t want to screw up the view of the awesome background.

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