Coffee Snobbery

I have always been a coffee snob since I started drinking coffee. Hell, I find I am a snob with anything I pick up to an extent. I like Starbucks coffee and won’t drink Folgers. I like The Republic of Tea teas and won’t drink Liptons. I like Tanqueray gin and won’t drink Seagrams. I’ve found that you can tell a noticeable difference in most products between the low end and the high end.

But, back to coffee snobbery. I don’t have a Mr. Coffee to brew up a giant tub of coffee in the mornings. No, I have a Senseo for the “running to work and need something to bang back in the carâ€� days. I use a Bodum coffee press (french press) for the weekends, and Holly bought me a DeLonghi espresso machine for an early Christmas present. I’m sitting here drinking my third cup of the Starbucks Komodo Dragon blend. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee but it really sucks bad as an espresso. My espresso machine supports the espresso pods. Now, being a self described snob, this seems wrong (So does the Senseo, but, it’s not… trust me). But, it’s quite wonderful. They make great shots of espresso. Anyway, I’m going to go this weekend sometime probably and pick up a pound of Starbuck’s Cafe Verona coffee and plan on ordering some of the Starbucks espresso pods.

One of my coworkers enjoys drinking instant coffee. Wal-Mart brand instant coffee, no less. (Damn.. I almost gagged typing that.) It’s the most vile thing ever. The smell is generates is nauseating. We all affectionately refer to it as “hot dog water” because, honestly, that’s what it smells like sometimes. Another coworker doesn’t like Starbucks because it’s too strong.

Despite the fact that Starbucks is taking over the world, they do make a good coffee, in my opinion. They seem less evil than other large companies trying to take over the world. And, with that, I’m going to have another cup of coffee. Mmmm.

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