Boy, Dyson Vacuums REALLY suck!

Last night, Holly bought a Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum Cleaner for me. Why, you may ask yourself, would one buy a vacuum cleaner for their significant other? Well, obviously, I’m a dork. We had drooled over the Dyson vacuum for quite a while and finally took the plunge. We have three cats, and that means we have cat fur everywhere. Turns out, all of the Dyson DC14 vacuums are the same. The different models are just different colors and different sets of attachments (therefore, different prices). Anyway, Holly vacuumed the carpets on Friday afternoon with our “old” (relative term) bagless upright that did an amazing job on its own. Holy crap… we had to stop and empty the bin after doing the living room and office because of the amount of animal fur we recovered. The thing is quiet and would suck the spots off a Dalmatian if you got it too close. It has all kinds of nifty attachments. It also came with a can of spot remover (which has gotten rave reviews) and a giant pouch of some deep cleaner. Apparently you just sprinkle it on, use this attachment to grind it into your floor, wait 45 minutes, and use the attachment to suck it all up. It’s like $13 a package but people are drooling all over themselves about it online.

This Dyson guy is brilliant. His website talks about his design, the fight he’s had with Hoover (No one would buy his design, they tried to sue him, he won, and then they copied his design. He sued them, he won. They quoted a Hoover VP on a television interview as saying something like “I wish now Hoover had bought the Dyson design so we could have shelved it indefinitely.” He’s also made a clothes washer. I want the Dyson washer. It has two drums that move in opposite directions and an on board computer that keeps track of things like how many loads you’ve done. It’s also coloured up like the Dyson vacuums, silvers and purples and yellows.

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