Yet another example of why drugs are bad: Trolls

Two men were arrested in Boulder, Colorado after an altercation with an off duty sheriff’s deputy. One of the men, aged 19, was stopping joggers and bicycle riders at a bridge in a public park. They said the bridge was owned by a troll and demanded $1 in toll to allow them to past. When the deputy refused the toll and forced his way past them, they hit his bike with a golf club. They then struck the deputy with the club. The deputy was able to gain control of the club and struck the attacker back to defend himself.

His friend told police that the attacker was having a bad LSD trip
Police found marijuana rolled inside of a dollar bill (‘kay… don’t understand that). They also searched his friend’s apartment and found “drugs and drug paraphernalia.” Needless to say, they’re charging them both with various crimes.

And that, kids, is why you should not do drugs.

Link, via Boing Boing

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