When Geeks get Bored...

Guess what happens when geeks get bored? They upgrade operating systems or otherwise break their computers in some fashion. This weekend, I transitioned from Gentoo Linux to FreeBSD. I love Gentoo to death. It’s a great operating system. Portage rocks my world. But, FreeBSD offers some security and stability features which I find more critical in a server environment. I’d run Gentoo on a desktop all day and night. I wanted to go back to my roots (I started using FreeBSD in like 1994-1995 to mess around with).

I had some minor pains, but, nothing too major. Getting TLS to work on SMTP was a royal bitch. With the help from the Gentoo Forums, I was able to solve my problems.

(edit: sorry for the crappy page break. MT kept inserting it in the middle of the href anchor, screwing the whole page up.)

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