NBC: “Raines,” “Studio 60” cancelled.

NBC canceled both “Raines” and “Studio 60.” Two shows The Wife and I enjoyed. I’m sure their time slots will be filled with more “Deal or No Deal” episodes or a new reality TV show where we see bulimia and anorexia sufferers seeing who can gain the most weight in a three months.

  • Samuel

    I Think Raines And Studio 60 Were Really Good. Why Cancel?

  • kjh

    I’m willing to bet the demographic that enjoyed both of these shows is in a higher tax bracket than those watching ‘Deal or no Deal’ and other time-wasting programs. The concept of 18-35 year olds being the key audience isn’t keeping up with the fact we live longer, start our families later, etc. We are in our 40’s, have grad degrees and earn a low 6 figure income. I’d like to think we are a demographic that matters to advertisers…Raines and Studio 60 were two of the only programs remaining that we enjoyed. Kidnapped was a favorite but NBC saw fit to cancel that, very early on. One also wonders how viewership is measured online. Neilsen doesn’t likely cover that. Maybe with so many of us watching programming that way, the execs at NBC are not getting valid numbers on the actual viewers??

  • c

    i concur. where have all the good shows gone?

  • Jennie Brown

    Enjoyed Studio 60 & Raines both had excellent actors on board
    and a good story line. What is with you people?????????

  • Mary

    So Sad…. Raines was a awesome show that I actually saved & could not wait to watch. Wonder what would have happened next season… Bummer that NBC will not let us find out. Neat.

  • homer

    this is for “kjh”, its a bit judgmental of u to assume that the age demographic for any show has an aimed range of audience. from my knowledge theres more kids watching shows like law and order, csi, etc…. than adults, and i highly doubt thats what those shows are shooting for. IMO i thought raines was a great show,but i like jeff goldblum and not alot of other people do. I’d have to correct you and say the real problem is people either didnt get it, or it just didnt interest them enough to stop watching there regular scheduled programing. trust me its hard to leave a great show for a great show, but now with dvr and tivo and being able to watch the shows online its hard to say that the show didnt have many viewers cuz there are so many untraceable ways to watch your shows these days. Anyway to clear it up for you, you as a viewer will always be apart of the demographic, there are just way too many ways to be heard about what issues you have with anything and it has nothing to do with how smart you are or how much income is.(who cares about your degree or how much money you make, your just being a stereotyper)

  • sharon & larry

    Just found out that Raines has been cancelled. Well, that just goes to show you that we won’t be watching anything on NBC because there is nothing to watch!

  • Debbie

    I have been waiting and waiting for Raines to return,,what the heck are the exec’s at NBC smoking that they would renew Thank God Your Here and not Raines…I give up..

  • jeff goldbloom fan

    i enjoyed raines but you people need to get over it this happens every year to new and old shows

  • Tiffanie

    I cannot believe they cancelled Raines!! I loved that show!
    Why get rid of a good show??

  • Alan

    I can’t believe they won’t bring back Raines. Jeff Goldblum was fantastic and the story line was great. It was great to have something other then reality tv to watch. Why is it these tv big wigs always think they know whats best for people, ever hear of the little people and taking care of them for a change instead of thinking of your wallets.

  • Sandra

    Sorry to see that this show was cancelled. Raines and CSI were my favorite shows last season. I wish the network would bring it back.

  • deb

    i cant believe nbc has cancelled such a smart show as raines.it is no wonder that your nbc but is being kicked by quality programs such as closer, monk, burn notice ect. actually there are too many to mention.keep up the good work wih your mind numbing shows. bad decision.

  • Emailthe Network

    I understand the frustration and yes good shows do get cancelled all the time. I suggest everyone who wants Raines back to email the network. I know of a few shows brought back because enough people let there voices be heard! Even if it doesn’t work it is worth a shot!

  • Marg

    Why would NBC cancel this show?
    I watched every episode and have been waiting for it’s return.
    Get rid of some of the junk and bring it back.
    Wake up NBC!

  • Estell

    I agree with Marg, I also enjoyed Raines, get rid of some of the junk and bring it back.

  • Donald Baker

    Raines was a great show. NBC never gave it a chance. They moved its time and were not consistent from week to week. It is like they tried to kill it as they often do. And those guys get paid BIG BUCKS.

    Sorry Jeff…it wasn’t your fault.


  • Rene

    NBC execs should get the boot. I agree…they never gave the show a chance. It had a great cast and personally, I liked Jeff’s weird character and the basic theme of the show. They do stuff like this all the time and they aren’t the only ones.

    A minimum play run should be 24 episodes. That allows enough time for the audience to make their showing of support.

    I also hate it when a good show gets cancelled and they replace it with crap.

    Bring Raines back…………

  • Lena

    It was a great show! Still miss an excellent play of Jeff Goldblum, great plot and wonderful shooting. It is so sad to see that TV obviously favours “less than average Joe”….
    Give people something to think of, help their imagination to flower!

  • kim

    All of my viewing is online. And I just found this show a couple of days ago. I think it’s a shame to cancel this show, it is really good, and hasn’t been given any time for an audience to develop. Please give it another chance.

  • Jerry

    Was Raines really cancelled or was it that Jeff Goldblum decided that taking over the role that had been Vincent D’Onofrio’s in Law and Order
    was a better, more high profile opportunity than the lesser known Raines?┬áRaines is one of my all time favorite shows. I’ve never liked Jeff Goldblum but in this show, he is brilliant. The show perfectly supports his acting, his wit, and his quirkiness. The repartee between his character and his boss, played by Wes Craven, is not only some of the best writing ever, but the two of them pull it off perfectly.