Spamming for a Primary School?

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Okay, this one is totally stumping me. A comment was posted to one of my first postings here. Here’s a screen shot of the comment in the administration console. As you can see, it looks like spam. The e-mail address probably isn’t really used by anyone because of the amount of spam they’d get. But, it didn’t feel right….

So, I opened the link. It loads a flash-based random number guessing program. I view the source code, thinking it’s got an exploit in it… nope, clean and simple. I play the game. Nothing strange. I notice at the bottom, the copyright notice lists a primary school. I go to their home page, and sure enough, it’s a web site for a school.

I e-mailed the domain owner and the webmaster, in case someone is trying to do something evil to their site, but, all I can keep asking myself is WTF.

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