McDonalds Coffee != Starbucks

I had heard from several people (although, I cannot recall who) that the new McDonald’s coffee was pretty good and that they liked it better than Starbucks. I have taken the Pepsi Challenge, and I can confirm that those people are clearly insane. I’ve had better coffee at the free breakfast bar at the Holiday Inn.

  • Meg

    man, i didn’t know starbucks sucked so much.
    I’ll have to work on baristing more often now.

    coffee at mcdonalds doesn’t even taste like coffee. It’s all rust.

  • Mike Dickinson

    Just curious about the coffee beans used by McDonalds. what are they, where do they come from and how do they compare to those used by Tim Hortons?

    Your comments please.


  • Stephanie Sprinkle

    I have looked for this forum. They used to use Seattle’s Best and it was great. This is sludge. Tastes like the smell that greets you if you leave the pot on all day and it burns on the bottom. The cups don’t say whose brand it is anymore either. Is it Starbuck’s? I’ll pass.