Oh my God! They've killed Rocketboom!

Apparently, the host of the videoblog Rocketboom, Amanda Congdon, and the show’s producer, some guy who no one has ever heard of, have parted ways. Mr. Nobody Remembers His Name apparently owned 51% of the venture, with Congdon owning 49%, so, she leaves and he keeps the content, site, and name.

So, now what? Congdon has posted info at her blog, amandaunboomed.blogspot.com, where she talks about her side of their split and indicates that she’ll start posting videos there. As for Rocketboom, well, Mr. Nobody should probably just shut down the site to save on the bandwidth costs. I imagine they’ll take a severe viewership hit if and when they come back. Why? I don’t think it’s just because of Congdon. I think part of it is that people viewed it as two or three people just having fun and putting crap up on the Internets. Now? Clearly, it’s a business venture… A business venture with a very public falling out wherein the public face of the enterprise is no longer associated with them.

I liked Rocketboom, but never made the time to view it daily. The wife hated it with a passion because she found it stupid. The “stupidity” of it is what made it funny for me.

(via NSLog, which is suprising to me, as I would have expected to see it on Boing Boing or something before Erik’s weblog).

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