Local Coffeeshops

In the Starbucks world, its hard to find local coffeeshops. At least in Indianapolis it was. Here in New Jersey, its a different story. Chains are not anywhere as plentiful here. The “Mom and Pop” reigns.

We have been exploring some of the local eateries. We found two good diners. Still looking for the perfect pizza, though. This morning, I went out by myself in search for breakfast. I tried a diner that we had driven past, but it was lackluster. There isn’t a lot one can do to make bacon and eggs spectacular, but they didn’t really try. I was a little disappointed. I decided to stop at a local coffee shop called Brewed Awakenings. Nice people, the food looks and smells awesome. It has more customers in a much smaller area. The coffee is good. I think we have a winner.

I will have to come back here, for sure.

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