Oh my God! They’ve killed Rocketboom!

Apparently, the host of the videoblog Rocketboom, Amanda Congdon, and the show’s producer, some guy who no one has ever heard of, have parted ways. Mr. Nobody Remembers His Name apparently owned 51% of the venture, with Congdon owning 49%, so, she leaves and he keeps the content, site, and name.

So, now what? Congdon has posted info at her blog, amandaunboomed.blogspot.com, where she talks about her side of their split and indicates that she’ll start posting videos there. As for Rocketboom, well, Mr. Nobody should probably just shut down the site to save on the bandwidth costs. I imagine they’ll take a severe viewership hit if and when they come back. Why? I don’t think it’s just because of Congdon. I think part of it is that people viewed it as two or three people just having fun and putting crap up on the Internets. Now? Clearly, it’s a business venture… A business venture with a very public falling out wherein the public face of the enterprise is no longer associated with them.

I liked Rocketboom, but never made the time to view it daily. The wife hated it with a passion because she found it stupid. The “stupidity” of it is what made it funny for me.

(via NSLog, which is suprising to me, as I would have expected to see it on Boing Boing or something before Erik’s weblog).

  • jim boggia

    Hmm – yes, I guess it’s really surprising that the person in front of the camera has wound up with higher name recognition than the guy behind the camera . . . do you really want to be foolish enough to believe that the folks behind the scenes are any less important in creating the success?

    I’m certain that you, like myself, don’t actually know the details of how or why this split came to be. I’ve heard as many stories that it fell apart because of her unreasonable demands as I have stories of her being pushed out. Truth is, we don’t know.

    I also find it a bit odd that you seem surprised that Rocketboom – the most successful vlog and the model for so many others trying to “monetize” their online vid endeavors – is a business. Isn’t that why they got all of the press that they did?

    It’s nice to know that Web 2.0 can so easily become the same boring shit as old media. Star Jones, Amanda Congdon. Barbara Walters, Andrew Barron. Yawn, yawn.

    Thanks for being the ‘Access Hollywood” of Web 2.0.

  • There are few people behind the camera that are as successful as those in front of the camera. Steven Spielberg, Aaron Sorkin, Loren Michaels, etc.As someone who has worked behind the camera here and there, I am very aware that the behind the scenes people are critical to success. But, they’re not the ones who get stopped on the street and asked “Hey, aren’t you…” As an example, name the executive producer of “Countdown.” Do you think that Countdown would be as popular if it wasn’t for Olbermann’s ability to act and deliver the dry humor?

    Continuing along the lines of television… Rocketboom is going to do what so many television shows have done when their star leaves: die. Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe Andrew will find someone who will be able to retain and increase viewership. Maybe MSNBC could find someone to replace Olbermann and not blow his ratings.

    As for the business of Rocketboom, I didn’t mean to imply that I was surprised that it had become a money generator. But, if you look at the people who “found” sites like Slashdot and Google way back in the day, some of them started to leave for other places when it became obvious they were there more for the money than the love of the game. But, some people don’t want to admit the reality of it… and those people have just seen the little man (money) behind the curtain.

    Oh, and if I had reached the caliber of Access Hollywood, I’d have photos of Andrew in his boxers as he picks up the morning paper off the stoop. As such, I don’t have the budget to camp in front of his apartment/house. 🙂