How Ashlee Simpson should have returned to SNL

Everyone remembers what happened the last time Ashlee Simpson performed on SNL. I’m surprised her career didn’t end right then and there. She got booed at the Orange Bowl a few months later. It was great.

Last night, she performed on SNL again last night. The teasers leading up to it were great. “Hey, havn’t you been on SNL before?” “.. Yeah…” “How did it go?” her staring at guy for 4 seconds before commercial ends.

Anyway, back to the topic. What should she have done upon taking the stage last night to perform? She should have sang an a cappella version of something slow, seething with melancholy, and very vocally difficult. Something like Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Think Bo Bice at the American Idol finals. Remember how you just sat back in awe of him, standing alone in the center of the stage…. the stage pitch black except about 95 ultra bright spotlights shining on him, lighting him up like the sun…. It would have been brilliant. She would have silenced every single nay-sayer by proving that she really can sing. Not only can she sing pop, but she could sing wide-ranging, emotional, serious music. It would have given her instant respect, probably surpassing what she had before the lip sync nightmare.

Alas, they didn’t ask my opinion.

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