Guy from Martinsville pwned by Gov't for warez

A guy from Martinsville was arrested in an international law enforcement raid against warez kiddies. He and seven others were charged with criminal copyright infringement for pirating movies, games, and software programs. A guy in Martinsville. MARTINSVILLE. Make sure you read the rest!

Martinsville is stereotypically portrayed as a quiet and simple town. They have a history of being somewhat backwards (at one point, they did away with zoning throughout the county which it is the seat). Their assistant police chief was quoted in Newsweek after September 11th with an anti-Islam comment. Their football team and fans got into a fight with an opposing team after racial slurs were used. (Now you understand what I mean by backwards). And they had an international warez mastermind living in their mist allll this time. Hell, I didn’t know they had broadband! (From Indianapolis Star)

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