Emotional Television

I have not had the motivation to write anything new for some time. It seems like every time I would sit down to write something, I’d start writing about the shows I loved getting shit-canned. Then, I’d get depressed. And, I’d save the draft and go do something else. Well, I deleted the two draft posts and decided to suck it up.

We still have not watched the finale to Studio 60. It’s sitting on the DVR… but it’ll be sad and it’ll piss me off. Veronica Mars also got cancelled… yeah, the third season was a bit weak compared to the first and second. But, it was still a damn entertaining show. We’ll miss Veronica.

We get sucked into television series and grow emotional attachments. When they announced the last season of The West Wing, The Wife refused to watch it. She said it’d just make her upset. When John Spencer died, The Wife cried, knowing that Leo wouldn’t be there anymore. We were both teary eyed during the episode where Leo died.

We get anxious waiting to see who gets voted out of Hell’s Kitchen. We feel uplifted when the people we don’t like get nominated on Big Brother. We laugh when Jim plays pranks on Dwight. We were (well, I was, not The Wife so much) sad and feeling melancholy when Picard sat down to play poker with the other senior officers as the Enterprise sailed off into television history.

And people wonder why millions of Americans sit on their couches most evenings. Seems obvious to me.

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