Computer Frustration

Sunday morning… Ahh… Time to relax and play some games.

I just got my Warhammer Online pre-release codes on Friday and spent a good chunk of Friday night and Saturday downloading the 9 gigabyte client. I get it installed and running… it’s okay. I mean, the frame rate sucks compared to World of Warcraft on the same computer. I don’t know how much of that is “beta code” and debugging/lack of optimization, or if that is because it requires more power to make the pretty graphics.

I get my coffee and some toast, get settled at my desk and launch the Warhammer client… authentication failed. Oh, that’s right… the beta is ending. I check the website, and yep, they shut it down early this morning. No more Warhammer for me until Tuesday.

So, I launch World of Warcraft and login… “Your prepaid time has expired.” What? I don’t use prepaid game cards, I have a subscription that charges my credit card. I login to my credit card company and everything looks okay. I login to the Warcraft account management page, and it all looks okay. My account is enabled, however, it says that my next credit card change is pending on September 12th. I look at my clock… but today is the 14th? What the hell?

I call customer service, and they’re only open during the week. I go on the forums and see a bunch of other people with the same problem and the response from the Blizzard rep is “I can’t do anything about this, you’ll have to call the billing department on Monday.” Awesome.

So, I guess I’ll have to do laundry instead.

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