Cold Cards

I’ve sat down and played some poker for the past half hour and I’m getting some seriously cold cards. I sat down in a $1.00+0.20 45 person MTT and got delt Q-J suited. I was in middle position so I raised 3x BB. Plays around, flop comes A-K-x rainbow, but giving me 3 spades. I’m sitting with a runner straight I should have folded. But, no, I felt good with it. I bet 2x BB, some folding, a small raise from late position, so I call. Flop is a 9 spades. Limping abounds, so I bet big trying to scare people out from what looked to be my straight. Raising ensues, and I go all in, feeling the 10 or another spade. One caller. Turns over an A-x, giving him a pair. River is a low red card, giving me a whole lot of nothing, and that $1.20 was gone in a matter of minutes. They proceeded to mock me (which I probably deserved).

Later, I am playing a play money table (after the very painful beating above), and an all-in player pushes from UTG. I’m sitting J-J, so I call based on his reckless play. Just the two of us, he turns over K-8 unsuited. I’m feeling pretty good. What’s he flop? K-8-x. No help came, and I lost 2/3 of my chips. A few hands later, I’m delt a Q-10 suited and limp in. Flop comes and gives me pair of 10’s, and we all check around. No help on turn and it checks around. River comes, and it’s a 10, giving me trips. I bet about 3x BB, gets called, then raised. At this point, I’m looking at the table and my stack, at about 350. I decide if I fold, I’m too short-stacked to recover. If I win, I’m looking at a decent pot. I raise all-in (raising the bet about 150 or so). Player 2 calls, Player 3 raises all-in with her multi-thousand chip stack… and I know I’m in trouble. Player 2 folds, and she turns over K-10, giving her trip 10’s with a King kicker, and that’s all she wrote. Hindsight says that if I’d bet big on the flop, I might have scared out the other player… but I doubt it.

So, I’m done with Poker for right now. I played stupid in the cash MTT, and just plain got beat in the play game.

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