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Cold Cards

I’ve sat down and played some poker for the past half hour and I’m getting some seriously cold cards. I sat down in a $1.00+0.20 45 person MTT and got delt Q-J suited. I was in middle position so I raised 3x BB. Plays around, flop comes A-K-x rainbow, but giving me 3 spades. I’m sitting with a runner straight I should have folded. But, no, I felt good with it. I bet 2x BB, some folding, a small raise from late position, so I call. Flop is a 9 spades. Limping abounds, so I bet big trying to scare people out from what looked to be my straight. Raising ensues, and I go all in, feeling the 10 or another spade. One caller. Turns over an A-x, giving him a pair. River is a low red card, giving me a whole lot of nothing, and that $1.20 was gone in a matter of minutes. They proceeded to mock me (which I probably deserved).

Later, I am playing a play money table (after the very painful beating above), and an all-in player pushes from UTG. I’m sitting J-J, so I call based on his reckless play. Just the two of us, he turns over K-8 unsuited. I’m feeling pretty good. What’s he flop? K-8-x. No help came, and I lost 2/3 of my chips. A few hands later, I’m delt a Q-10 suited and limp in. Flop comes and gives me pair of 10’s, and we all check around. No help on turn and it checks around. River comes, and it’s a 10, giving me trips. I bet about 3x BB, gets called, then raised. At this point, I’m looking at the table and my stack, at about 350. I decide if I fold, I’m too short-stacked to recover. If I win, I’m looking at a decent pot. I raise all-in (raising the bet about 150 or so). Player 2 calls, Player 3 raises all-in with her multi-thousand chip stack… and I know I’m in trouble. Player 2 folds, and she turns over K-10, giving her trip 10’s with a King kicker, and that’s all she wrote. Hindsight says that if I’d bet big on the flop, I might have scared out the other player… but I doubt it.

So, I’m done with Poker for right now. I played stupid in the cash MTT, and just plain got beat in the play game.

Review: NCAA Football 06 for XBox

NCAA Football 2006 for XBox
by Electronic Arts

After an evening of running around shopping with the misses, she wants to go to Kroger to buy some stuff for me to make chili. Right next door, is Blockbuster. I think “Hmm. Maybe I’d like to rent a game!” and then she says “You want to get a game?” See, that’s what love really is about.

I drop her off, park, and go into Blockbuster. They have a itty bitty game selection, and they didn’t have Tiger Woods 06 in. So, I pick up NCAA Football 06 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and wander around the store to decide which to get. I opt for football because the weather is good football weather. I put GTA back and go to check out. The guy rings me up… $7.99!! OMGWTFBBQ! Eight dollars?? “Yeah, they raised prices about a month ago. I’m glad I work here.” I swipe the card, and the receipt printer starts having a fit. It spits out a five foot long strand of receipt (hand to God, it really is five feet long). Apparently someone sued Blockbuster and this was the class action award for paying late fees in the past.

So, about the game… I like it… kinda. Full review below the jump. 🙂