Monthly Archives: June 2006

Replacing Movable Type with WordPress?

Will I replace Movable Type with WordPress? Maybe. They’ve made a lot of progress with 2.0 of WordPress. It’s a lot cleaner than I remember. They’ve tossed in a bunch of AJAX and the like that makes the interface a lot smoother. The themes are a lot easier to manage (picking preselected themes, that is) than MT. Plugin management is also better.

As for downsides, there are always some. First, the templates are more complex in WordPress. Movable Type’s templates are like editing HTML. Here, it’s editing PHP. Second, MT allows multiple blogs per installation (not that it matters with my current setup). Also, there’s the comfort level. I’ve become comfortable with Movable Type over the past year-ish. It’s a big step, but, it’s one I might have to take.

I’ve shown this to one of my other users and they like the WordPress administration side better. So, we’ll see.

I watched some of the World Cup

I am an American, therefore, I’m not supposed to like soccer </joke>.

I was sitting down with my coffee and I decided to flip on the World Cup. Turns out, Comcast added ESPN2 HD yesterday, so all of the games will be available to me in HD. Anyway, I flipped on the Sweden vs Trinidad and Tobago match. I have to be honest, I enjoyed watching it. Sometime in the past, I read an article that said the reason why Soccer is so much fun to watch is that there isn’t an obvious build up to scoring. In football, you typically have a slow march towards the goal. In soccer, you can easily go from one end of the field to the other in a matter of seconds, and go from almost getting scored on to scoring in just as short of a time.

Am I going to skip work to watch matches? No. But, I will enjoy watching the matches.