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Video: DDR Hero

Okay, so, I have found another video worthy of linking. It’s of a man playing DDR. What makes it special? He only has one leg. He is able to do DDR better than most people out there (not that I’m a big DDR follower or anything).

Without further adieu…

Video: Jedi Breakfast

I’m not really a big fan of the YouTube/Google Video browsing. I find that I spent a lot of time looking at really crappy videos. I rely on various sites to point out cool videos for me. Today, via UNEASYsilence they linked to easily one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. I thought I’d share it here.

Mmm. Tea!

I ordered my first order from Adagio Teas today. I’m excited, for a number of reasons. For starters, I’m a music person. The logo with the treble clef and the name “adagio” makes me happy. It’s fitting, really. I think of coffee as “upper” and tea as a “soother.” Adagio, in music terms, means slowly. Teas make me think of slowing down and enjoying them. See, fitting?

Second, their products look good. If your idea of tea is what is inside of a Lipton’s bag, then, you won’t recognize the tea from Adagio. I mean, look. Fruit! Whole pieces of fruit! Ever looked inside a fruit herbal tea packet from a big company? Do you see berries? Probably not. I haven’t tried it the fruit teas yet, but, they smell amazing.

Their site rocks. It’s very simple to navigate. Finding things is easy as pie. The shopping card management is cake. It’s fast and really well laid out. Ordering was straightforward. Shipping is fast (I ordered Monday at 3pm via ground shipping, and it arrived this morning at 10am.

I open the box and it’s packed with the air pillow packing material. I remove it and see the tins hand-wrapped in tissue paper. They included their “A Guide to Tea” book for free, a $9 value. I open the first one and find three tiny tins of the samplers. The Wife said they were adorable. I opened them up to find them totally filled with fruit pieces (I got samples of the Berry Blast, the Fruit Medley, and the Wild Strawberry herbal teas). They smell amazing. I haven’t made any of it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome. On the label, it says “180° 7 Min,” brewing instructions. How amazingly simple and obvious… but no one else has thought of it.

Next, I unwrap the tin of Spearmint. The tin is metal with a label on it that doesn’t match the other labels (I’m assuming they’re transitioning their labelling and packaging). I open the top and it’s crammed full as well. It smells terrific. I can’t wait to try it. Next was the chamomile. Also, crammed full… How do they get them so full? Whole chamomile flowers. It’s beautiful. I brewed some up and it’s amazing. The Wife loved it.

But, to be honest, my favorite was the vanilla rooibos. I have to admit that the smell of the vanilla didn’t smell quite right to me… but, it sure tasted great. Wonderful dark red. The smell was that great vanilla tobacco smell that is signature of rooibos. The taste was amazing. Unfortunately, something came up and I couldn’t really enjoy it like I would have liked to.

In short, I highly recommend Adagio and their teas to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

Spamming for a Primary School?

spamming a primary school

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Okay, this one is totally stumping me. A comment was posted to one of my first postings here. Here’s a screen shot of the comment in the administration console. As you can see, it looks like spam. The e-mail address probably isn’t really used by anyone because of the amount of spam they’d get. But, it didn’t feel right….

So, I opened the link. It loads a flash-based random number guessing program. I view the source code, thinking it’s got an exploit in it… nope, clean and simple. I play the game. Nothing strange. I notice at the bottom, the copyright notice lists a primary school. I go to their home page, and sure enough, it’s a web site for a school.

I e-mailed the domain owner and the webmaster, in case someone is trying to do something evil to their site, but, all I can keep asking myself is WTF.