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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In another shining example that no good deed goes unpunished, Connie Gibbs was killed at an auto dealership after she fell and was hit by a van being driven on the dealership lot. She served for 14 years as the director of the Posey County Red Cross chapter, and her husband was deployed in Iraq with the Army Core of Engineers.

From the article:

Gibbs had been involved in Red Cross efforts such as helping flooding victims in the New Harmony area last year and recovery work when a tornado destroyed several Poseyville homes in 2002. She also was chairwoman of Posey County’s Safe Kids Coalition, which organizes child safety seat education and other projects.

Gibbs suffered severe head and chest injuries along with several broken ribs. She was pronounced dead after being taken to Deaconess Hospital in Evansville.

Makes Earl’s karma quest seem a little futile…

(via IndyStar)

XBox 360-O-Rama

Tuesday, The Wife had a doctor’s appointment. I work for a good company that allows me to take time off to be with my family, so, I went with her. After her doctor’s appointment, we went to Target to fill a prescription and get some odds and ends. The Wife loves going to the stores, and can spend hours looking at everything. I’m a targeted looker. I’ll hit electronics, and maybe wander around the grocery section. This trip was no exception.

As I’m wandering around the electronics section, I glance in the XBox 360 display and see a giant green box. They had a XBox 360 Core system in stock. Holy crap! I went and chased The Wife down and said I’d like to buy it, and wanted her input on it (being married, and all). She says “Of course” and so I go and get it. We also pick up a wireless controller and look for the hard drive (the two main items missing from the Core system). But, Target doesn’t have the hard drive… and the hard drive is required for backwards compatibility. So, we go to Meijer. No dice. We go to Wal-Mart, nope. We go to Circuit City and Best Buy, both busts. We call Fry’s, nada. We decide to go home and start researching.

We start hitting people’s websites. “Not in stock” “Item not available” “This item is no longer available.” I hit GameStop site and search for 20 miles and no one has them. I curse and shake my fist. On a whim, I try a 30 mile radius, and the GameStop in Shelbyville has “1-3” hard drives. AWESOME! I call them up… and they say they have one drive… and they’ll hold it for the 35 minutes to get there. We hop in the car.

We arrive, go in, and grab up the drive. As we’re checking out, the guy mentions that Wal-Mart next door had a bunch of drives. We get into the car and decide to jump over and see if we can get a second drive to sell on eBay. (They’re selling for about $30 over retail). We go in, go back to Electronics, and find the case. What do we find? 10 hard drives… and a XBox 360 Premium. What dumb luck. Two XBox 360’s in one day. We discuss it a bit and decide to buy the Premium, and return the hard drive and extra controller, and come out about $40 ahead of where we would have been…. So, for two hours on Tuesday, I had two XBox 360s in my possession.

Zogby political survey questions

It’s Saturday, and The Wife and I have agreed that this will be a “do nothing” weekend… meaning, we’re going to do fun things we want that doesn’t require us to leave the house. For my part, I plan on settling in behind the computer here with my bagel, Starbucks Café Estima, Coffeemate French Vanilla, and iTunes. I load up World of Warcraft… and my new realm is down. So, I’m looking at buying a Valentine’s day gift for The Wife and playing my old high level character on a different realm (where I’m bored stiff). I decided to write about something that I’ve had in the cooker for a bit…

I’m occasionally get asked to take part in online Zogby political polls. They usually ask normal questions like “Do you think the country is headed in the right direction?” and “Are you proud or ashamed that President Bush is the President?” But, a few of the questions are designed to find patterns between people’s political views and their other habits…

Which of the following would you be most likely to watch:

a) A live broadcast of The State of the Union speech?

b) An episode of the ABC drama “Commander in Chief”

c) An episode of the NBC drama “The West Wing”

d) An episode of the FOX comedy “The Simpsons” where Bart runs for president

e) Not sure

Do you consider yourself a NASCAR fan? Yes/No/No Answer

Do you or does anyone in your household keep a gun for personal protection or hunting at your home, place of business, or at a vacation home or club?

How often do you shop at Wal-Mart?

a) Every week

b) A few times a month

c) A couple times a year

d) Never

e) Other

f) Not sure