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Photo from New Orleans

I’ve attached a photo I found from the Associated Press. The picture is credited to “Douglas R”


The caption reads: “Forty-year-old Shirley Ward’s hands are water logged after two days soaking in water on Rocheblave Street, in New Orleans where she was stranded until being rescued seen Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005, in New Orleans.”

Yes, 40 year old. The picture is breathtaking by itself.

I love Bob Costas.

I have always liked Bob Costas. I enjoy watching the cheesy over-produced montages of the guy who came in last place in the 200m breaststroke at the Olympics. His voice and manor is so smooth… I consider him the best sportscaster in the industry and possibly one of the best television personalities to walk the earth. Then, he had a cameo in Baseketball. When he uttered “You’re excited? Feel my nipples!” he cemented his place in my history books.

Then, I read this story today on the Indy Star website. And, now, I officially love him.

Bob has been filling in for Larry King occasionally on the Larry King Show. I didn’t know this since I don’t watch Larry King, but, I might start watching when I know Costas is going to host. Anyhow, Thursday show was lined up to be an interview with the mother of Natalee Holloway, that chick who probably was raped and murdered after getting drunk in a night club in Aruba. (see the article titled “Fuck Natalee Holloway” on Bob felt, like I do, that too much attention is being spent on this one missing girl and that there are much more important things to do. When he tried to persuade the producers that they should use their time for something that matters, they wouldn’t budge. So, Bob declined to host that evenings show. It makes me want to stand up and salute the man. He is my new personal hero.

A note on the kuro5hin article… while the title is harsh, I agree with the content of the story. Too much time has been devoted to the fact this one attractive, white, blond haired, blue eyed 18 year old did something stupid and paid for it. How many people disappear a day in the US, much less in a resort country like Aruba? How many missing black 18 year old girls are there? How many missing latinas? How often do you hear about it? It’s like the Laci Peterson thing. A few months ago, there was a case in the East somewhere (I want to say Pennsylvania) of a latino woman who was pregnant that went missing, was reported by the husband, found dead, and they believe the husband murdered her. Where was Fox News and CNN then?

Edit: A few hours after I posted this, they I saw the story on CNN’s main page as their number one story. They found the woman’s body. They charged her boyfriend (not her husband) with murder. But, we won’t hear anything more about it, I’m sure.

Fry’s — A Dork’s Wonderland

So, this evening, Holly and I took a drive up to Fishers to visit the new Fry’s Electronics store there. We have heard of Fry’s from our friends who live in California… vast cornucopias of computers and televisions, at prices that make Sam Walton upset and selection that makes grown men weep. Read on for some more narrative and a selection of the items we acquired from our trek.

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Make the hurting stop!

While I use Macintosh for my daily computing platform (and love it), Windows pays the bills. And, as I’m sure we have all heard, this week has been an exciting week for Windows users. I worked 26 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday doing virus damage control. Today is day 3, and I am completely out of juice. I had planned on writing an elaborate entry about this, but, I just plain don’t have the energy for it.