Monthly Archives: June 2005

Uhh. Wow.

According to this story in the Indianapolis Star, 7 women are going to pose nude for a calendar to save the 128 year old court house in their county. Sounds good, right? Did I forget to mention they’re all between the ages of 70 and 90?

When Geeks get Bored…

Guess what happens when geeks get bored? They upgrade operating systems or otherwise break their computers in some fashion. This weekend, I transitioned from Gentoo Linux to FreeBSD. I love Gentoo to death. It’s a great operating system. Portage rocks my world. But, FreeBSD offers some security and stability features which I find more critical in a server environment. I’d run Gentoo on a desktop all day and night. I wanted to go back to my roots (I started using FreeBSD in like 1994-1995 to mess around with).
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Flying Monsters

So, I’m lying in bed here looking at jackets for iPulse, a system monitor toy for the mac, when I see something falling slowly from the ceiling. I think it’s just a fluke in my field of vision, but, about 5 seconds later, I see another one. I look at the floor and see a giant grey/black thing and think I just saw some super spider fall/lower itself to the foor. Then, something hits me in the face and I almost downloaded in my pants. It was all just dust from the ceiling fan. I feel like a loser now.